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Trusted Chattanooga Family Lawyer Guides Clients Through Difficult Legal Matters

Helping you navigate a divorce in Hamilton, Bradley, Marion and Sequatchie counties

At Daniel K. Habenicht, PLLC,, we understand the difficulties and questions you have when you’re contemplating or going through a divorce, seeking child support or contemplating a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. Dealing with such issues can be tough, but you can trust our tradition of assisting families in the Chattanooga area in all areas of family law. We’re committed to providing clients with the personal attention they deserve.

Providing quality family law services in Tennessee

At Daniel K. Habenicht, PLLC, we put families first. With a Rule 31 Listed Mediator included in our practice, we value mediation before litigation. Typically, our legal team assists families with the following types of cases and questions:

  • Divorce. If you’re going through a divorce, you need a lawyer you can trust and who has a thorough understanding of the divorce laws in Tennessee. Whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, our firm can help.
  • Alimony. Alimony is support paid by one spouse to another. Normally, a spouse who does not have the same earning ability as the other is awarded alimony. In Tennessee, any of four types of alimony can be awarded. Although it sounds straightforward, alimony can be one of the most confusing issues in a divorce.
  • Child custody and visitation. If a divorce involves children, child custody and visitation agreements (parenting plans) will be part of your divorce proceedings. Types of custody and visitation can vary. Let us help you negotiate and protect your time with your children.
  • Child support. When it comes to your children, you want to ensure that their financial well-being is safeguarded during and after your divorce. Tennessee has clear laws on how child support is calculated, and we can help you figure out the specifics in your situation.
  • Family mediation. Family mediation is a way to resolve disputes by negotiating through a neutral third party known as a mediator. At Daniel K. Habenicht, PLLC, a licensed Rule 31 Mediator can assist your family with mediation, thus saving you time, stress and expense.
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. If you’re about to get married or remarried, or you’re already married, you may be considering a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. Our attorney can help you protect your assets and ensure equitable distribution up front, as well as resolve any financial issues in your relationship that might cause problems in your marriage.
  • Modifications. After a divorce, you may need to make changes to the terms of the original divorce decree. If you need changes to alimony, child support or child custody, you should consider a modification to your agreement.

Whatever your family law matter involves, the legal team at Daniel K. Habenicht, PLLC can help.  With nearly 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to assist you during a critical time in your life.

Contact a Chattanooga law firm that can resolve your family law matter

Our dedicated team at Daniel K. Habenicht, PLLC, ensures that you’ll always speak to a lawyer or a paralegal when you have questions that affect your family’s well-being. We’re conveniently located near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus. Call us at 423-756-3650 or contact us online.